3.1.0 – 2016-11-14

You can view the 3.1.0 milestone on GitHub for more details.

  • Add --bug-report flag to make issue reporters’ lives easier.

  • Collect configuration files from the current directory when using our Git hook. (See also #142, #150, #155)

  • Avoid unhandled exceptions when dealing with SyntaxErrors. (See also #146, #170)

  • Exit early if the value for --diff is empty. (See also #158)

  • Handle empty --stdin-display-name values. (See also #167)

  • Properly report the column number of Syntax Errors. We were assuming that all reports of column numbers were 0-indexed, however, SyntaxErrors report the column number as 1-indexed. This caused us to report a column number that was 1 past the actual position. Further, when combined with SyntaxErrors that occur at a newline, this caused the position to be visually off by two. (See also #169)

  • Fix the behaviour of --enable-extensions. Previously, items specified here were still ignored due to the fact that the off-by-default extension codes were being left in the ignore list. (See also #171)

  • Fix problems around --select and --ignore behaviour that prevented codes that were neither explicitly selected nor explicitly ignored from being reported. (See also #174)

  • Truly be quiet when the user specifies -q one or more times. Previously, we were showing the if the user specified -q and --show-source. We have fixed this bug. (See also #177)

  • Add new File Processor attribute, previous_unindented_logical_line to accommodate pycodestyle 2.1.0. (See also #178)

  • When something goes wrong, exit non-zero. (See also #180, #141)

  • Add --tee as an option to allow use of --output-file and printing to standard out.

  • Allow the git plugin to actually be lazy when collecting files.

  • Allow for pycodestyle 2.1 series and pyflakes 1.3 series.