3.0.3 – 2016-07-30

  • Disable --jobs for any version of Python on Windows. (See also this Python bug report)

  • Raise exception when entry_point in plugin not callable. This raises an informative error when a plugin fails to load because its entry_point is not callable, which can happen with a plugin which is buggy or not updated for the current version of flake8. This is nicer than raising a PicklingError about failing to pickle a module (See also #1014)

  • Fix # noqa comments followed by a : and explanation broken by 3.0.0 (See also #1025)

  • Always open our output file in append mode so we do not overwrite log messages. (See also #535)

  • When normalizing path values read from configuration, keep in context the directory where the configuration was found so that relative paths work. (See also #1036)

  • Fix issue where users were unable to ignore plugin errors that were on by default. (See also #1037)

  • Fix our legacy API StyleGuide’s init_report method to actually override the previous formatter. (See also #136)