3.6.0 – 2018-10-23

You can view the 3.6.0 milestone on GitLab for more details.

New Dependency Information


  • Add paths to allow local plugins to exist outside of sys.path (See also GitLab#379, GitLab!211)
  • Copy setup.cfg files to the temporary git hook execution directory (See also GitLab!215)
  • Only skip a file if # flake8: noqa is on a line by itself (See also GitLab#453, GitLab!219)
  • Provide a better user experience for broken plugins (See also GitLab!221)
  • Report E902 when a file passed on the command line does not exist (See also GitLab#405, GitLab!227)
  • Add --extend-ignore for extending the default ignore instead of overriding it (See also GitLab#365, GitLab!233)

Bugs Fixed

  • Respect a formatter’s newline setting when printing (See also GitLab!222)
  • Fix leaking of processes in the legacy api (See also GitLab#410, GitLab!228)
  • Fix a SyntaxWarning for an invalid escape sequence (See also GitLab!244)
  • Fix DeprecationWarning due to import of abc classes from the collections module (See also GitLab!249)
  • Defer setuptools import to improve flake8 startup time (See also GitLab!250)
  • Fix inconsistent line endings in FileProcessor.lines when running under python 3.x (See also GitLab#457, GitLab!255)