3.4.0 – 2017-07-27

You can view the 3.4.0 milestone on GitLab for more details.

  • Refine logic around --select and --ignore when combined with the default values for each. (See also GitLab#318)
  • Handle spaces as an alternate separate for error codes, e.g., --ignore 'E123 E234'. (See also GitLab#329)
  • Filter out empty select and ignore codes, e.g., --ignore E123,,E234. (See also GitLab#330)
  • Specify dependencies appropriately in setup.py (See also Gitlab#341_)
  • Fix bug in parsing --quiet and --verbose from config files. (See also GitLab!193)
  • Remove unused import of os in the git hook template (See also GitLab!194)