Source code for flake8.options.aggregator

"""Aggregation function for CLI specified options and config file options.

This holds the logic that uses the collected and merged config files and
applies the user-specified command-line configuration on top of it.
import argparse
import logging
from typing import List, Tuple

from flake8.options import config
from flake8.options.manager import OptionManager

LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def aggregate_options( manager, # type: OptionManager config_finder, # type: config.ConfigFileFinder argv, # type: List[str] ): # type: (...) -> Tuple[argparse.Namespace, List[str]] """Aggregate and merge CLI and config file options. :param flake8.options.manager.OptionManager manager: The instance of the OptionManager that we're presently using. :param flake8.options.config.ConfigFileFinder config_finder: The config file finder to use. :param list argv: The list of remaining command-line argumentsthat were unknown during preliminary option parsing to pass to ``manager.parse_args``. :returns: Tuple of the parsed options and extra arguments returned by ``manager.parse_args``. :rtype: tuple(argparse.Namespace, list) """ # Get defaults from the option parser default_values, _ = manager.parse_args([]) # Make our new configuration file mergerator config_parser = config.MergedConfigParser( option_manager=manager, config_finder=config_finder ) # Get the parsed config parsed_config = config_parser.parse() # Extend the default ignore value with the extended default ignore list, # registered by plugins. extended_default_ignore = manager.extended_default_ignore.copy() LOG.debug( "Extended default ignore list: %s", list(extended_default_ignore) ) extended_default_ignore.update(default_values.ignore) default_values.ignore = list(extended_default_ignore) LOG.debug("Merged default ignore list: %s", default_values.ignore) extended_default_select = manager.extended_default_select.copy() LOG.debug( "Extended default select list: %s", list(extended_default_select) ) default_values.extended_default_select = extended_default_select # Merge values parsed from config onto the default values returned for config_name, value in parsed_config.items(): dest_name = config_name # If the config name is somehow different from the destination name, # fetch the destination name from our Option if not hasattr(default_values, config_name): dest_name = config_parser.config_options[config_name].dest LOG.debug( 'Overriding default value of (%s) for "%s" with (%s)', getattr(default_values, dest_name, None), dest_name, value, ) # Override the default values with the config values setattr(default_values, dest_name, value) # Finally parse the command-line options return manager.parse_args(argv, default_values)