Source code for flake8.main.options

"""Contains the logic for all of the default options for Flake8."""
from flake8 import defaults
from flake8.main import debug
from flake8.main import vcs

[docs]def register_default_options(option_manager): """Register the default options on our OptionManager. The default options include: - ``-v``/``--verbose`` - ``-q``/``--quiet`` - ``--count`` - ``--diff`` - ``--exclude`` - ``--filename`` - ``--format`` - ``--hang-closing`` - ``--ignore`` - ``--extend-ignore`` - ``--per-file-ignores`` - ``--max-line-length`` - ``--max-doc-length`` - ``--select`` - ``--disable-noqa`` - ``--show-source`` - ``--statistics`` - ``--enable-extensions`` - ``--exit-zero`` - ``-j``/``--jobs`` - ``--output-file`` - ``--tee`` - ``--append-config`` - ``--config`` - ``--isolated`` - ``--benchmark`` - ``--bug-report`` """ add_option = option_manager.add_option # pep8 options add_option( "-v", "--verbose", default=0, action="count", parse_from_config=True, help="Print more information about what is happening in flake8." " This option is repeatable and will increase verbosity each " "time it is repeated.", ) add_option( "-q", "--quiet", default=0, action="count", parse_from_config=True, help="Report only file names, or nothing. This option is repeatable.", ) add_option( "--count", action="store_true", parse_from_config=True, help="Print total number of errors and warnings to standard error and" " set the exit code to 1 if total is not empty.", ) add_option( "--diff", action="store_true", help="Report changes only within line number ranges in the unified " "diff provided on standard in by the user.", ) add_option( "--exclude", metavar="patterns", default=",".join(defaults.EXCLUDE), comma_separated_list=True, parse_from_config=True, normalize_paths=True, help="Comma-separated list of files or directories to exclude." " (Default: %default)", ) add_option( "--filename", metavar="patterns", default="*.py", parse_from_config=True, comma_separated_list=True, help="Only check for filenames matching the patterns in this comma-" "separated list. (Default: %default)", ) add_option( "--stdin-display-name", default="stdin", help="The name used when reporting errors from code passed via stdin." " This is useful for editors piping the file contents to flake8." " (Default: %default)", ) # TODO(sigmavirus24): Figure out --first/--repeat # NOTE(sigmavirus24): We can't use choices for this option since users can # freely provide a format string and that will break if we restrict their # choices. add_option( "--format", metavar="format", default="default", parse_from_config=True, help="Format errors according to the chosen formatter.", ) add_option( "--hang-closing", action="store_true", parse_from_config=True, help="Hang closing bracket instead of matching indentation of opening" " bracket's line.", ) add_option( "--ignore", metavar="errors", default=",".join(defaults.IGNORE), parse_from_config=True, comma_separated_list=True, help="Comma-separated list of errors and warnings to ignore (or skip)." " For example, ``--ignore=E4,E51,W234``. (Default: %default)", ) add_option( "--extend-ignore", metavar="errors", default="", parse_from_config=True, comma_separated_list=True, help="Comma-separated list of errors and warnings to add to the list" " of ignored ones. For example, ``--extend-ignore=E4,E51,W234``.", ) add_option( "--per-file-ignores", default="", parse_from_config=True, help="A pairing of filenames and violation codes that defines which " "violations to ignore in a particular file. The filenames can be " "specified in a manner similar to the ``--exclude`` option and the " "violations work similarly to the ``--ignore`` and ``--select`` " "options.", ) add_option( "--max-line-length", type="int", metavar="n", default=defaults.MAX_LINE_LENGTH, parse_from_config=True, help="Maximum allowed line length for the entirety of this run. " "(Default: %default)", ) add_option( "--max-doc-length", type="int", metavar="n", default=None, parse_from_config=True, help="Maximum allowed doc line length for the entirety of this run. " "(Default: %default)", ) add_option( "--select", metavar="errors", default=",".join(defaults.SELECT), parse_from_config=True, comma_separated_list=True, help="Comma-separated list of errors and warnings to enable." " For example, ``--select=E4,E51,W234``. (Default: %default)", ) add_option( "--disable-noqa", default=False, parse_from_config=True, action="store_true", help='Disable the effect of "# noqa". This will report errors on ' 'lines with "# noqa" at the end.', ) # TODO(sigmavirus24): Decide what to do about --show-pep8 add_option( "--show-source", action="store_true", parse_from_config=True, help="Show the source generate each error or warning.", ) add_option( "--statistics", action="store_true", parse_from_config=True, help="Count errors and warnings.", ) # Flake8 options add_option( "--enable-extensions", default="", parse_from_config=True, comma_separated_list=True, type="string", help="Enable plugins and extensions that are otherwise disabled " "by default", ) add_option( "--exit-zero", action="store_true", help='Exit with status code "0" even if there are errors.', ) add_option( "--install-hook", action="callback", type="choice", choices=vcs.choices(), callback=vcs.install, help="Install a hook that is run prior to a commit for the supported " "version control system.", ) add_option( "-j", "--jobs", type="string", default="auto", parse_from_config=True, help="Number of subprocesses to use to run checks in parallel. " 'This is ignored on Windows. The default, "auto", will ' "auto-detect the number of processors available to use." " (Default: %default)", ) add_option( "--output-file", default=None, type="string", parse_from_config=True, # callback=callbacks.redirect_stdout, help="Redirect report to a file.", ) add_option( "--tee", default=False, parse_from_config=True, action="store_true", help="Write to stdout and output-file.", ) # Config file options add_option( "--append-config", action="append", help="Provide extra config files to parse in addition to the files " "found by Flake8 by default. These files are the last ones read " "and so they take the highest precedence when multiple files " "provide the same option.", ) add_option( "--config", default=None, help="Path to the config file that will be the authoritative config " "source. This will cause Flake8 to ignore all other " "configuration files.", ) add_option( "--isolated", default=False, action="store_true", help="Ignore all configuration files.", ) # Benchmarking add_option( "--benchmark", default=False, action="store_true", help="Print benchmark information about this run of Flake8", ) # Debugging add_option( "--bug-report", action="callback", callback=debug.print_information, callback_kwargs={"option_manager": option_manager}, help="Print information necessary when preparing a bug report", )